What are the Grape Varieties in the 2004 Eric Texier Côtes-du-Rhône?

We have started selling Eric Texier wines again and are getting many questions about what exactly is in the 2004 Côtes-du-Rhône. Americans like exact details and tend to view all wines as varietal compositions.

A prominent Manhattan wine shop has done an extensive lab analysis and recently e-mailed us the details:

Grenache -- 59.681 %
Carignan -- 14.835 %
Cinsault -- 10.044 %
Clairette Cultivar N°1 -- 4.987 %
Clairette Cultivar N°2 -- 5.031 %
Roussanne -- 5.021 %
Sauvignon blanc -- 0.003%
Zinfandel -- 0.002%
Petite arvine -- 1.044%
Without Any Particular Identity : Everything else

There is no merlot, petit verdot or chardonnay.

This is a delicious wine and comes highly recommended by the wine press.
- Joe Dressner 2-26-2006 12:41 pm

so is the extra 0.648% like from reverse osmosis? or a spinning cone? dude.
- jb richmond (guest) 2-27-2006 12:16 am

Yes, it is from a dude.
- Joe Dressner 2-27-2006 12:41 pm

Zinfandel in a Côtes-du-Rhône? How'd that get in there?
- section29 2-27-2006 1:04 pm

mr. dresser, i remember a mouse on the ed sullivan show that loved wine. do you recall his name?
- the sheriff (guest) 2-27-2006 7:57 pm


I did a google search and couldn't find anything.
- Joe Dressner 2-28-2006 12:36 pm

i think it was andre`. andre` the drinking mouse. of course you realize mice become intoxicated very quickly. he would only be on the show for about 30 seconds. they paid him in natural yeast.
- the sheriff (guest) 2-28-2006 4:31 pm

Ed Sullivan Presents - Topo Gigio & Friends
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here we go...

Appearing over 50 times, the little Italian mouse would appear on stage and greet Ed with a sugary "Hello Eddie!". Topo also was quite the lover, often speaking of his girlfriend "Rosie", but the enduring image is how Topo ended his weekly visits, literally crooning to Ed, "Keesa me goo'night, Eddie".

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- the sheriff (guest) 2-28-2006 8:45 pm

Never mind. If it's anywhere near as nice as the Non-Stop Organic Cabernet, they can put Marechal Foch in it for all I care.
- section29 3-01-2006 2:14 pm

Foch was a truly rotten general. I can only imagine how revolting he would be reincarnated as a grape!
- Old_Winyards 3-01-2006 9:21 pm

I've personally nominated Topo Gigio for the Nobel Peace Prize three times but those Swedes have some kind of weird aversion to vermin.

- The Coffee Anon (guest) 3-02-2006 2:04 am

Well, he wasn't exactly an organic mouse.
- section29 3-02-2006 2:06 pm

Swing Batta Batta Batta!
- The Ghost of Carl Furillo (guest) 3-02-2006 11:34 pm

scungilli, is that you!
- topo gigio (guest) 3-03-2006 4:51 pm

no pinotage?
- cc (guest) 3-07-2006 4:54 am