Tuesday is the Big Louis/Dressner 20th Anniversary Tasting!

It is going to be a moving, emotionally charged event.

I have to write tasting notes all weekend! What a drag....

See you all on Tuesday. That is, if you RSVPed and you're a member of the trade.

Remember, interlopers are aggressively banned from this event!
- Joe Dressner 10-18-2008 3:14 pm

will the tanning booth be open? i'm looking a little pale. moby.
- anonymous (guest) 10-18-2008 4:59 pm

Yes, as will the nail cutting salon!
- Joe Dressner 10-18-2008 5:38 pm

i hope the body piercing booth is back! ahab.
- anonymous (guest) 10-18-2008 5:57 pm

No. But we will have tarot readings.
- Joe Dressner 10-19-2008 1:15 am

i love the "battle of the bands" at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the camel
- anonymous (guest) 10-19-2008 6:06 pm

Last year's competition was awesome!
- Joe Dressner 10-19-2008 8:52 pm

will rock stars like the sheriff be there? cher.
- anonymous (guest) 10-20-2008 2:58 pm