Sophie Larmandier runs Marathon at 4:15:08....Pierre Larmandier at 5:10:47

Congratulations to the Larmandiers, who not only beat all the contenders from the large Champagne houses, but who also handily beat all the R-M Champagne producers running in yesterday's New York Marathon.

The Récoltants-Manipulant Contingent at Yesterday's Marathon

Josefa Concannon, who used to sell their wines in Chicago, also finished at 3:27:12!

Ms. Concannon now purveys wines from America's Northwest.
- Joe Dressner 11-03-2008 3:26 pm

Wow! Where'd she get those yellow gloves?
- anonymous (guest) 11-03-2008 3:45 pm

Yay Josefa!!! She's fantastic! I didn't know she ran marathons.
- anonymous (guest) 11-05-2008 5:32 pm

Josefa's making a decent time. The Larmandier's should keep their day job.
- anonymous (guest) 11-06-2008 3:31 pm