Rumors of My Demise are Slightly Exaggerated!

I heard rumors today that I had a stroke on Monday night at a wine industry dinner at The Tribeca Grill.

In reality, I had a neuromuscular seizure on the right side of my body.

And how are you doing?
- Joe Dressner 11-14-2008 4:50 pm

doing fine,thanks for asking!!!
- anonymous (guest) 11-14-2008 4:58 pm

Coming up on the one year anniversary of the massive pulmonary embolism that almost killed me. Thankfully, I'm much better than this time last year. Thanks for asking.

Hope you're feeling better soon.
- anonymous (guest) 11-14-2008 5:45 pm

Much better, thanks, now that I know you didn't have a stroke! Jeez, Joe, be well, man!
Steve Edmunds
- anonymous (guest) 11-14-2008 7:37 pm

Much the better for having visited you last night.

- anonymous (guest) 11-15-2008 1:48 pm

The world would be a lesser place without Joe Dressner
- anonymous (guest) 11-15-2008 2:04 pm

I hope your doctors are sorting things out. Take care of yourself.
- anonymous (guest) 11-17-2008 4:16 pm

Polyphenols... are the answer, you should start drinking more reds :)
Be well !

David, le Nantais
- anonymous (guest) 11-17-2008 4:25 pm

start drinking natural wines like us,
- anonymous (guest) 11-18-2008 6:34 pm

what would Steiner do? is there a quartz-filled horn buried in Tudor City?
- Scott Kraft 11-19-2008 2:08 pm

focus on your health for a while, above everything else. -Brooklynguy
- anonymous (guest) 11-19-2008 8:32 pm

oh sorry, and very glad to hera that you're okay. - brooklynguy again
- anonymous (guest) 11-19-2008 8:35 pm

Actually, I am not ok.

Got a brain tumor buzzing around my head!
- Joe Dressner 11-19-2008 9:50 pm

Say it ain't so, Joe! My god; this is terrible! What can I do?
- anonymous (guest) 11-19-2008 11:55 pm

You have a scapel? You can also tell me who you are?
- Joe Dressner 11-19-2008 11:56 pm

Steve Edmunds, another guy worried about his friends
- anonymous (guest) 11-20-2008 12:37 am

Where is the twitter feed?

- anonymous (guest) 11-20-2008 2:08 am