Wine Importer Business Cycles

Things are slow at Louis/Dressner Selections. Since a shipment from France or Portugal takes about two months from door-to-door, we are currently in mid-July. There is not a lot of demand for wine in mid-July.

The major activity these days is selling Burgundies in September. We have just received samples from most of our Burgundy vignerons and will now try to sucker various distributors around the country to buy our Burgundies and sucker retailers to buy the Burgundies from them so that you the consumer can be solicited to fill your cellars with 1999 reds and 2000 whites. Actually, worse things could happen to you as there is much to admire from our growers in these vintages.

The Burgundy market has become confused since Robert Parker stopped visiting Burgundy. No one knows if they should believe Pierre Rovani, no one really believes Steve Tanzer other than crazy Burgundy geeks and me, who is Clive Coates anyhow(?), and the Wine Spectator will no doubt review the vintage either 3 months before they are available or 3 to 6 months after they are available.

This leaves everyone bewildered. Distributors and merchants will actually have to make decisions unaided by enthusiastic publicity. Unless, of course, they are buying wines that are 200% in new oak from Dominique Laurent. In that case, there is endless press enthusing before, during and after the wines are actually available.

Anyhow, all these problems mean that cash flow is somewhat slow these days at Louis/Dressner Selections. Since I have now taken to writing my own web site (blog) I have been learning lots of interesting things about HTML and the web. Most importantly, I have discovered that there are important sources of revenue available to webmasters such as myself by plugging into financially lucrative banner ad co-sponsorships.

So let me announce our first corporate co-sponsorship, which is between The Wine Importer and The Game Show Network.

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Every time you click on the ad banner below this text you will not only get to read more interesting material about the GSN, you will also help me to earn money as a co-sponsor of the GSN. It also enables the GSN to place cookies on your computer that will track everything you do on the web, allowing them to 'profile' your consumer habits.

Visit the GSN often, but be certain to visit by clicking the ad banner on my web site. Additionally, I will be receiving a 10% commission for every purchase you make at the Game Show Network Shop! Thank you very much for your support.


- Joe Dressner 5-15-2001 1:40 am