Thank God for Jean-Paul Brun

I got to taste the Domaine des Terres Dorées L'Ancien Vieilles Vignes 2000 for the first time in bottle today. What a beauty! Just 11 degrees of alcohol, just pure gamay, no spoofulation. If any wine sums up what we aim for then it is this wine. The quintessence of purity.

This used to be called Cuvée a l'Ancienne but is no longer allowed by the French authorities to have this name. The Repression des Fraudes (a French governmental agency that Represses Frauds) did a spot raid of Jean-Paul Brun's cellar and ruled that Cuvée a l'Ancienne was a fraudulent title. So now, Brun has to call this L'Ancien. Go figure!

What isn't fraudulent is all the juice made with the 71-B yeasts, thermo-vinification (the lastest Duboeuf craze), enzymes and all sorts of spoofilication. This stuff has no problem with the Fraud Squad.

But a Beaujolais with no chaptalization, no yeasting and so pretty that it aches is grounds for investigation and prosecution.

None of this is actually available right now for the consumer. Shipments are first being ordered here at Louis/Dressner Central and they should start appearing on shelves by the beginning of July. This delay would normally panic me, but everything is fine since I entered my strategic alliance with The Game Show Network (see my blog entry below this one).

I have accumulated $13.11 since this alliance began earlier this week. One reader of my site clicked on the Game Show Network banner and bought a Regis Philbin Tee Shirt for $13.29. This item is on sale from its normally reasonable price of $18.99. I received $1.33 for this transaction as part of my 10% commission on all sales at the Game Show Network Store that originate from someone clicking on their ad banner at my site.

I also earned $2.38 from an two separate $11.89 purchases of The Best of TV Quiz & Game Show Themes CD. This exciting album features:

original versions of the theme songs you know and love, you'll be spinning the wheel, making a deal, and boogie-ing up the pyramid. Contains 20 songs, including The Price Is Right, Wheel of Fortune (Big Wheels), The Gong Show, and more!

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Frankly, I have mixed feelings about what's going on at the Game Show Network Shop. They are currently having a 30% off sale and I fear that I am losing valuable commission money. One could argue that the 30% sale encourages a higher volume of purchases, but I'm not convinced that the purchasers of the CD and the Philbin T-Shirt would not have bought the goods at the regular price. All I know is that my commissions are being cut by 30%.

By the way, I want to thank Mike Wheeler for the phrase spoofulated. In case Mike or any of the other readers out there have forgotten the link to The Game Show Network, just click right below:

Lucrative Wine Importer/Game Show Network Corporate Tie-In

Please remember that every garment, game, book or CD you buy from The Game Show Network strikes a blow at industrial, spoofulated wine!

- Joe Dressner 5-18-2001 2:03 am