Do I Have a Professional Obligation to See Mondovino?

The film has opened in New York.

Must I go see the film?

I met Jonathan Nossitor several years ago, when he happened to be dining at a New York restaurant at the same time we were there with about 14 French vignerons and a bunch of New York wine geeks. Nossiter talked about his project and mentioned how he was going to cast Charles Joguet as one of his heroes. I mentioned that Joguet was no longer involved with Domaine Charles Joguet, which had been bought by Charle's accountant. Nossiter denied this story, vehemently at that. I called over Bernard Baudry of Chinon, a close friend of Joguet's who was at the restaurant with us, and Bernard and his son Mathieu confirmed Joguet's separation from the estate. Nossitor remained annoyed over the whole story and continued to insist that Charles Joguet was still in charge.

We were doing a wine tasting the next day for the trade and Nossiter came with a film crew, with our ok. I wasn't interested in being interviewed as the guy didn't seem that interested in interviews. I have a limited tolerance for people who do interviews simply to flesh out what they have already decided and already think. People looking for talking heads.

Years later his movie is out and Hubert de Montille and Aimé Guibert are cast in the role of Charles Joguet.

Do I have to go see the film?

No doubt, his point of view is largely my point of view. But I am anti-Bush and winced at Michael Moore's film.

Do I have to go see the film?

What is amazing is that so many imbeciles in the wine trade agreed to be followed around by Nossiter and to speak freely with him. What did Michel Rolland expect? These people think so highly of themselves and their power that they can't imagine an American filmaker would feature them without portraying them in a worshipful fashion. It would have been easy enough for the Mondavis and Rollands to make some phone calls and figure out what Nossiter was doing.

So, I suppose they all got their due.

But, must I go see the film?
- Joe Dressner 3-27-2005 9:21 pm

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