Don't Miss Tomorrow's Big Tasting at Chambers Street!

That's right. The entire Louis/Dressner Staff will be there for this mega tasting.

I even plan on coming, but probably later in the day.

Here's what we are showing:

  • Pinon Vouvray Brut Non Dosé
  • Pepiere Muscadet Briords 2007
  • Chidaine Montlouis Choisilles 2006
  • Roally Viré Clessé 2006
  • Barth Mackrain Gr Cru Gewurz 2006

  • Filliatreau Saumur-Champigny Printemps 2007
  • Terres Dorees Cote de Brouilly 2007
  • Clos du Tue-Boeuf VDT Guerrerie 2006
  • Terre des Chardons Costieres de Nimes 2006
  • Montesecondo Toscano Rosso 2007
  • Cappellano Dolcetto d’Alba Gabutti 2006

  • Frémont Cidre Brut par Nature Greniers
  • Donati Malvasia dell’Emilia Dolce 2007

Unfortunately, I am under strict doctor's orders to not drink wine before I check into the hospital on Monday. I will be pouring wine, but wearing plastic gloves to prevent contamination of both myself and you the customer.

See you at this rocking event!

- Joe Dressner 11-21-2008 12:55 pm

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